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Attie's poem The Name's Claus.... is in The Caterpillar Magazine Winter 2022 issue. Order your copy here!


Attie has over twenty poems published on The Dirigible Balloon website! All of Attie's poems on this site have sound recordings, too. Dirigible Balloon - Poetry for Children

2022-03-25 (4).png

Attie's poetry is featured in Northern Gravy Literary Periodical. Read Attie's poems here: Poems by Attie Lime – Northern Gravy

Attie's poem The Everything Tin, was published in Paperbound Magazine (Summer 2022).

Read the whole issue here.

Paperbound poem.png
Carrying Pencil
2022-03-25 (5).png

Find Attie's poem Banana in Edition 3 of The Toy magazine, and Where Did I Come From? in Edition 1.

Order copies here!

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Attie has two poems featured in Issue 14 of Balloons Literary Journal. Read the whole issue here.

Balloons Lit Journal .png

Attie also has work published in Parakeet Magazine, and Little Thoughts Press.

Attie's first published fiction for children is a short piece in Northern Gravy. Read it here

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