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Wonderful Water



Have you ever thought of water

as a thing you maybe ought to

write a little thank you letter for?

First thing in the morning

when I'm sleepy-eyed and yawning

it's water that I'm washing with, of course!


My teeth are getting shiny

with fresh tap water (not briny)

and it's water that makes Mum a cup of tea.

There's water in my school bag

Teacher says it helps with brain-lag

and there's water in the toilet when I wee.


There’s water in the swimming pool,

and water in the pond at school

and water in the lake on holiday.

There’s water in my squash

and in a bucket when I wash

my dog when he is muddy – like today!


I need water for my brain

and it falls on us as rain

water's so important, don’t you know?

I drink water with my supper

it’s a real good perker-upper

and it’s fun to watch it swirl and ebb and flow.


So, thank you for the H2O

for rivers winding, fast or slow

thank you for puddles, ponds, and for the sea.

Thank you for water in the sink

for clean fresh water that I drink

thank you for all the water that’s for me.

Attie Lime

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