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KS1 Poetry Club: Alien Poems

These are notes on a Key Stage One poetry club session I ran; this is not a lesson plan. The ideas here are meant for enjoyment, fun, and sparking an early interest in poetry. Feel free to use any of the ideas and activities.


Pre-cut alien shapes and poems (with gaps)

Colouring pencils & pencils

Alien puppet or toy

(googly eyes, glue, strips of paper)

  • We started with an action poem, on our feet, to get in the poetry mood!

  • I reminded them of this week's alien topic. Children asked my alien puppet lots of questions about himself, such as what his planet is like, what he likes to eat, who is his best friend etc. Children thought of the questions themselves (with prompts as needed).

  • I showed them my alien poem and read through it, taking suggestions of other ideas they could use in their own alien poem.

  • Children wrote their own alien poems straight onto the alien-shapes, then decorated them with colours, eyes and antennae. TIP: a word bank would have been helpful for some children.

  • We finished by listening to/looking at the poems that children wanted to share (almost everyone - leave plenty of time for this!).

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