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Daily Christmas Poem: Day 2, 2nd December

Today's Christmas poem includes the word 'Reindeer', as suggested by pupils of Marown School, Isle of Man. Thank you!

Photo by Maria Vojtovicova on Unsplash

Dear North Pole Vet,

My reindeer has the hiccups, he’s usually so fast, but now he’s slow as custard and always ends up last. I’m training him for Christmas, to whizz across the sky, but his hiccups are so violent, we wobble when we fly. If I’m absolutely honest, I’m not sure what to say, I don’t want to upset him, but it’s dangerous this way. He’s still trying his hardest, although the ride is bumpy, and every time he hiccups, it makes him rather jumpy. He’s normally so careful, with his steady reindeer feet, but when he does a hiccup, I shoot out of my seat! These hiccups are persistent, hope they’re gone by Christmas Day, but if they’re not, I’ll have a shot at pulling my own sleigh!


Father Christmas

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Valinora Troy
Valinora Troy

Love it! And such a cute picture!

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