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Daily Christmas Poem: Day 1, 1st December

TWO poems to start us off! Today's poems use the words 'Advent' (Tabitha, 9) and 'Elf' (Polly, 7). Thank you!

Christmas Starts Today

Today’s the day I’ve waited for

the first day of December

but there is no Advent calendar

did Mummy not remember?

I check the normal hiding place

up on the kitchen shelf

but I realise then who’s hidden it –

that naughty Christmas elf!

Shelf Elf

Let me introduce myself

I’m Jeremy, your Christmas elf

I’m NOT naughty, I’m NOT cheeky

I’ll just sit quietly on your shelf.

I will not be an AWFUL pest

I’ll never ever make a mess

I’m Jeremy your Christmas elf

I’ll just sit quietly on your shelf.

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