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But What do You DO all Day?

I am now (squeal!) a full-time poet. How lucky am I? I thought I’d do a mini ‘day in the life’ blog post today to show everyone just how wonderful a creative day can be, just floating away on a cloud of ideas, whilst nestled in a heavily-cushioned window seat, sipping hot tea and eating biccies…

Today I:

·        Finished planning my outline for an Introduction to Writing Poetry session for a home education group.

·        Emailed the home education group outline to my contact.

·        Emailed a teacher about a school visit.

·        Accepted (by email) an invitation to the launch of a new Arts Project I’m part of.

·        Emailed another teacher about a school visit.

·        Had a phone call with a teacher about a school visit.

·        Posted a daft poem on Twitter to keep the algorithm ticking over (and because it makes me smile).

·        Re-activated the sales on my adult creative writing group online bookings (postponed from last week).

·        Wrote the foreword for a community poetry anthology I am co-editing.

·        Read (but haven’t yet replied to) emails from: a WI asking if I can run a workshop for 30 people, a creative writing lecturer at the uni where I first studied writing (almost 30yrs ago), regarding a possible guest speaker spot, and a reply from the home education contact.

·        Posted on socials about my rescheduled adult creative writing group.

·        Wrote a blog piece.

What I did NOT do was write a poem, although I did read several, and listen to one. I DID have biscuits and cups of tea. Also made scones, did the school runs, and absolutely NO cleaning.

(I have always wanted a window seat to dream in.)

Happy reading, writing, and imagining,

Attie x



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Valinora Troy
Valinora Troy
26 janv.

Sounds idyllic, Attic! So pleased for you, and thank you for sharing this glimpse of life as a poet!😊


Membre inconnu
26 janv.

Thanks for this peek into what life as a poet looks like, Attie. I hope that someday soon you have a bit of time to catch a ride on that cloud of ideas.

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