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Just add nuts

This is a mini blog post. A postling, a postette, a posticle.

Image: Unsplash, Mae Mu

If you write anything today, make it new. Make it fresh, make it just a little bit different. I don’t mean surreal, or wacky (don’t get me started on screwball and zany). Just promise me that you won’t write about diaphanous skies, or anything being as calm as a millpond. Instead of putting cheese and ham in your writing omelette, chuck in some pistachios (if you did this in real life, you know who you are), or a dollop of mayo. Just a little taste of something to tickle the reader’s tastebuds in a way they have never been tickled before. A fresh image, a made-up word, a twist in a rhythm or a sting in the tail.

Some days all we want is to write blankets-and-mashed-potato familiarity (plenty of those days here recently), but if you’re lucky enough to have writing time on your hands today, chuck in some metaphorical pistachios, and see where they take you. Or don’t. (But do write. Please write.)

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