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Cornflakes, Gravy and a Change of Plan

Lots of you who read this will have already bought a copy of Cornflakes and Gravy, and for that I am extremely grateful. Some of you have bought more than one!

But my little poetry ‘bookling’ (not really a chapbook, and besides, that term is just so grown up), was never meant to be sold via Twitter. A well-known, wise, and much-published children’s poet (oh, and brilliant, of course!) told me that he used to make his own books, to sell at events and school visits, before he had a published book of his own. I was already sticking poems into a notebook, to use as a poetry bank, for visits, but hadn’t given any thought to having something for the children to keep.

So, I planned my National Poetry Day visits and events, got bookings, and made booklings. There was swearing (mostly contained to the writing shed), and there was a fair bit of raging at inanimate objects. Eventually I was happy with how the bookling was looking and felt excited about selling it for just a few pocket-money pounds.

Then some personal stuff happened. Then some more, and then some more. After a lot of thought, I decided to postpone/cancel all the immediate visits and events and focus on myself and my family.


The bookling waited for me. It said it was ready to be read, ready to be shared. It said What was the point of buying a long-armed stapler if you’re never going to use it? It flirted with the notion of flaunting itself on Twitter. I listened, set up a Ko-fi account, and you lovely people have actually been buying it! I am so grateful, especially when I know that it has been shared with children.

This is not a sob story (I am not a fan of X-Factor-style teary backstories), it is Thank You, and (full disclosure) I-still-have-some-copies -left. I am now re-booking events and visits with a festive spin, and Cornflakes and Gravy will be coming along for the ride. Hopefully I will sell a few copies, but more than that, it might introduce some children to the fun side of poetry, and show them what can be achieved with a passion for what you do, a home printer, and a long-armed stapler.

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