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A poem for Tuesday (and the kids still at school!)

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Meh (inspired by an 11yo who knows what he's talking about!)

Tuesday is meh.

There’s no art

no P.E.

no clubs

AND it’s sloppy mince

with peas.

Tuesday is meh.

Miss has a tired face

today, and her voice

is Tuesday-small.

There’s no fun on Tuesdays,

none at all.

Tuesday is meh.

Miss messes with

our chairs.

I used to sit

near Bobby, now

I sit near Claire.

Tuesday is meh.

Claire says “Hi,”

I shrug. Claire says

“Tuesdays are meh!”

I smile. I think today

might be O.K.

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1 Comment

Alex Price
Alex Price
Apr 05, 2022

Love it! It's normally Wednesdays for me.

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